Saturday, September 6, 2008

should i find a job or not?

what should i do??my brother xbg aku cr keje coz he want me to work wif him.but at the same aku teringin sgt nk keje, nk cr experience.aku dh bosan dok kt umah even now aku tgh keje kt restoran kak ipar aku but i still feel bored.coz all my fren are not here, my best fren kt, aku xde mmber nk hang out, meronggeng or have fun..xkn la aku nk meronggeng sorg2..bek aku dok umah je..mmber2 aku pn dh bising2 suh aku cr keje kt kl..pakwe aku tah la..i dont know what to do..should i wait n help my bro wif his plan?or find a job 1st?juz like my pakwe said, 'awk, nk gantung je ke degree awk tu??'.jiwa kaco btol...

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